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Texas Governor Greg Abbott Calls On Residents To Report Parents Of Transgender Children For Child Abuse!



Texas Governor Greg Abbott made headlines this week after publicly urging residents and health care officials to report all parents of transgender minors for acts of child abuse!

According to NBC news. Gov. Abott issued a letter to the Department of Family and Protective services on Tuesday February 22nd. Within the letter he urges residents to report parents to state officials that are allowing their kids to receive gender -affirming medical care. He also highlights the launch of investigations involving reports of minors undergoing “ elective procedures for gender transitioning”

The letter serves as a proposed declaration assigning licensed professionals that work directly with children; also including teachers, nurses, and doctors alongside members of the general public to report all claims. Gov. Abott highlights that failure to do so will result in criminal penalties for failure to report, “child abuse”

Sources confirm that at this time it is unknown if Gov. Abott is able to order the Department of Family and Protective Services paired with other state agencies to investigate allegations of child abuse against parents of transgender children without a legislation passed into law.

Celebrities such as Jamie Lee Curtis, Kerry Washington, Gabrielle Union and more have taken to social media in outrage speaking out against Gov. Abott’s newly proposed declaration.

Gov. Abott is definitely not a stranger to attempting to issue inhumane and one-sided laws into legislation, so we can’t say that we are at all surprised by this. Cousins, do you think his new order will be followed or passed into Texas law?

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