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Twitter Users Speculate That Tory Lanez May Be Rocking Silver Cuffs Soon After Clearing Instagram Posts And Issuing Farewells!

—Angelot Ndongmo-


Our family over on our Twitter side has been whipped up in a frenzy ever since Tory Lanez cleared his verified Instagram of all posts, including unfollowing folks and issuing a brief farewell on Twitter!

Though nothing official has been confirmed at this time, online users believe his actions may be related to court case involving Megan Thee Stallion .

We have seen him maintain a fairly regular schedule since the “incident”, however it has been rumored that he has been anything but off the hook when he violated his parole by performing at venues where the victim Megan, was also present.

Some women are celebrating and ready to drop the “Sorry to this man” lingo while wipe their hands clean of the 29 year old Canadian entertainer.

Until then, we are keeping are eyes and ears peeled on this one!

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