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Jessie Woo, Joyner Lucas And Cam’ron Call Out Karen Civil For Finnesing Folks Out Of Their Coins!


Well known marketing strategist Karen Civil has been making moves in the industry for over ten years working with some of the biggest names in music and overall entertainment business!

For the last couple of days she’s been trending throughout social media after being called out by social media influence and comedian Jessie Woo and today by popular artist Joyner Lucas ,

Jessie took to Instagram on Friday to report claims of Karen booking her for a fake reportedly non existing company to obtain personal information. Joyner followed up with claims that Karen allegedly stole 60K from his as he hired her to assist him with the earlier phases of his career.

According to social media users there has been mini buzzes in the past about Karen not always coming correct when it comes down to helping folks get on but in recent days people are pulling out receipts from court orders down to dated text messages.

Harlem native Cam’ron also joined the conversation letting social media users know that he’s been saying something in the milk ain’t clean with sis.

Cousins what are your thoughts on this?

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