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A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie Apprehended At UK Festival Right Before Stepping Onstage

—Angelot Ndongmo—


 Bronx, NYC native A Boogie, was set to perform at the U.K. festival last Sunday but ended up being a no show to his fans’ bewilderment!

As he readied to grace the hype crowd with his presence, the police intervened and quietly brought him into custody, reports the New York Post.

Sources have confirmed ‘that’ his arrest is as a result of a long standing incident who? & why?

As soon as Boogie was let out of custody, he took to his social media and issued an apology to his supporters.

“SMH sorry to everyone who came out to see me at wireless, London police locked me up before I went on stage for something I was accused of 2 years ago. I’m OK and I’ll try my best to make it up to you guys.”

No further details have been released to clarify the reason for his arrest.

One thing is for certain, he hasn’t slowed down a bit and is working to release his fourth album later on this year.

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