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2 Murdered And 22 People Shot In Miami, Florida After Three Suspects Open Fire In Crowded Area!


Miami , Florida police officials are currently searching for the suspects responsible for the shooting of nearly 22 people last night!

According to ABC News , the tragic incident took place early Sunday morning as three suspects opened gunfire outside of a rented banquet for a birthday party near a suburb area.

Officials have stated that the suspect arrived in a SUV, began shooting from rifles, handguns and fleeing the scene.

Sources have confirmed that two victims were pronounced dead at the scene, an additional two people have been listed in critical condition and are on life support, numerous people have been seriously injured and are being hospitalized.

Unfortunately no arrests have been made at this time leaving the gunmen at large. It has been indicated that this incident is being ruled the 17th mass shooting this year alone.

Angelica Green told local news that her 24-year-old son was also among those who were injured as he was shot in the stomach.

“He called us in … frantic, telling us he had been shot, that it hurts, that he loves us,” Green said. “My husband is like, ‘No, stay with us. Stay with us.”

Angelica continues,” He said the guys came with ski masks and hoodies and just started shooting up the crowd.”

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