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Man Responsible For The Murder Of 21 Savage’s Younger Brother Sentenced To 10 Years In Jail!


Rapper 21 Savage alongside his family have been seeking justice for the gruesome murder of his younger brother for nearly a year!

Today Tyrese Fuller was sentenced to 10 years in jail for the brutal stabbing of Terrell Davis-Emmons reports The Grio.

Reports read that though Fuller was found guilty for manslaughter he wasn’t convicted of murder. He also wasn’t physically present for his his official hearing, it has been indicated he refused to exit his cell.

The outlet states the ruling judge described Fuller’s decision as a direct example of, “ lack of courage”

The tragic incident happened back in November 2020 in London as both Fuller and Davis got into a heated physical altercation.
The Daily Mail confirms a witness account of what took place as it appears Davis wielded a machete that he placed back into its harness but, Fuller lunged at him with a six inch blade. Davis was identified as dead at the scene.

21 hasn’t fully spoke on the murder of his brother publicly, however he did share a photo of them together as kids when the news was first released with a caption that read, “ Can’t believe somebody took you baby bro I know I took my anger out on you I wish I could take that sh*t back.”

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