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Speak On It: Sharon Osbourne States She Felt Betrayed By Co-Hosts Following Heated Discussion With Sheryl Underwood, “ I’m Your Sacrificial Lamb”


In a recently released interview with Entertainment tonight Sharon Osbourne shared behind the scenes tidbits of her heated discussion with co-host Sheryl Underwood and the aftermath that followed!

The Talk pioneer states that she was set up despite a circulated pact amongst her co-workers to inform one another of questions they weren’t prepped for before hand.

Sharon states that her support of her friend Piers Morgan was utilized as bait for Cancel Culture.

“Sheryl turns around and asks me this question and….she was reading it off a card. It wasn’t on my cards. And then Elaine [Welteroth]’s reading her questions and I’m like, ‘I’ve been set up.’ They’re setting me up. My anger was like, I cannot believe this, I’m your sacrificial lamb,” states Osbourne.

She goes on to say that she knows that her response was wrong and that she should’ve never dismissed her co-host’s feelings for Sheryl is her friend

“I own up to what I did. I can’t not own up. I said what I said. I got too personal with Sheryl. I should’ve never said stop her tears. She was hurting as I was hurting.”

Sharon continues, “I love Sheryl, I’ve apologized to Sheryl, she’s not gotten back and I can understand. Sheryl needs her time.”

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