ICYMI : D.C Young Fly Reveals That He Came Down To The Final 3 For The Role Of Eddie Murphy’s Son In ‘Coming 2 America’ But Didn’t Make The Cut!


We can all agree that DC Young Fly is a man of many talents. From comedy, music, and acting there’s literally nothing he can’t do that we wouldn’t be proud of. However he’s always been vocal about his work ethic and how he’d rather work for his than to have anything given to him.

Following the success of the hilarious and long awaited Coming 2 America film currently sweeping the nation with views, a fan took to Twitter advocating that DC should’ve played the role of Eddie Murphy ‘s son.

With both humility and realness DC responded by saying, “I auditioned for it 2x !!!” he wrote. “Came down to the final 3!!! Salute to who got the job tho [100 emoji]!! #PromiseMyTimeComing gotta stay hungry working and having patience.”

He also a screenshot of the conversation and shared it on his Instagram with an inspirational caption for his followers that read, “ #MovieGameRules you gotta work for it!! Mafukkas aint gon hand u sh*t.”

The caption continues, “And i dont want nothin handed unless its genuine and mafukkas believe in me. I wanna take the steps the OGs took the blood,sweat, and hard work to become a #GREAT !! Its gone be roles ima have that somebody mite can play better!! It come with the game!! Lets not hate CONGRATULATE!! Cause homie was around legendz and diid his thang [100 emoji] so this is a win for #US !!! Just know im workin and im not lettin up !!”

But don’t get it twisted DC has an extensive resume from taking his talents to social media starting out on Vine and Instagram to MTV’s Wild N Out. Staring in films and television series such as How High 2, Dead House, Grown-ish, American Soul, we’re certain DC will be more than fine.

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