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Tessica Brown’s GoFundMe Account No Longer Under Investigation, Funds Officially Released!


Tessica Brown also known as the viral Gorilla Glue Girl GoFundMe account is no longer under investigation, funds have been officially released to her account in full!

A spokesperson for the site states, “The GoFundMe Trust & Safety team has released the funds and they should be on their way to Tessica.”

Reports read that Tessica is set to receive a total of $23,893 dollars. It has been indicated that she was anxious to receive the money to donate it to charity.

She was originally going to use the money to pay for her own medical expenses and wigs but now she has plans of donate majority of the money to a foundation ran by the plastic surgeon Dr.Michael’s that assisted her free of charge, foundation and families in need within her hometown.

Prior to the funds being release Tessica’s account was reported by numerous social media users as being fraudulent.

“That’s going to be pretty upsetting because who are y’all to say, you know, this was a fraudulent account?”she previously stated.

According to the NY Post she then had to explain exactly where the funds would be used for.

“The organizer stated she would donate the funds to a charity and to families,” stated a spokesperson on Thursday.

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