Jeezy Calls Out 50 Cent In New Single ‘Therapy For My Soul’, States He’s The Real One Borrowing MoneyFrom Ghost!


Jeezy took it the booth recently as he calls out fellow rapper 50 Cent within his newly released single ‘ Therapy for my soul’ !

According to Complex earlier this year 50 Cent had taken to social media to drag Jeezy upon the early release of of BMF’s co founder Southwest T .

It has been indicated that 50 had taken on the obligation of calling out any individual that owed Southwest T money and made sure they paid up in full. 50 accused Jeezy of ignoring his phone calls.

However sources have confirmed that Jeezy later on did connect with T and that they were cool.

Within his new single JEEZY raps, ‘Since we talkin’ boss talk, let’s address the sucka sh*t Grown man playin’ on Instagram, real sucka sh*t Why the f*ck this clown n**** playin’ with my legacy? Solid in these streets, that’s some sh*t that you will never be Talking ’bout power, but weak n****s do the most In real life, n**** you really borrow money from Ghost All that lil’ boy sh*t, yeah it make it evident Made millions in these streets, what the f*ck is 50 Cent?,

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