Family Of Fatal Police Brutality Victim Atatiana Jefferson Files Lawsuit Against City Of Fort Worth And The Responsible Officer!


The family of the late Atatiana Jefferson that was fatally shot at the hands of local officials through the window of her home, has filed a lawsuit against the city of Fort Worth including the officer responsible.

The suit was forwarded nearly one year after Atatiana’s death on November 17th within the the Northern District of Texas.

According to CNN the suit pinpoints the misconduct of officer Aaron Dean, “the course and scope of employment caused the untimely death of Atatiana Carr also known as Atatiana Jefferson.”

Reports read that Dean resigned from the police force in December of last year after receiving murder charges for Atatiana’s death.

It has been indicated the suit further accuses the city and former officer of, “deliberately indifferent to protecting Atatiana Carr a/k/a Atatiana Jefferson from harm by systematically failing to provide adequate training and supervision to its officers, uphold Atatiana Carr a/k/a Atatiana Jefferson’s constitutional rights, and providing urgently needed medical care.”

“Defendants acted with high disregard for the rights of others, and their conduct was extreme and unreasonable under the circumstances,” read the complaint.

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