Keke Palmer Takes To TikTok To Announce True Jackson, VP 2021 Reboot!


Exciting news Nickelodeon fans the popular 2000s series “ True Jackson, VP “ has recently been approved for an official reboot in 2021!

According to Pop Buzz the queen of booked and busy and original star of True Jackson, #KekePalmer took to TikTok on Tuesday to confirm the big news.

The video shows Palmer dancing to the beloved True Jackson original theme song with a caption that read, “ when they cancelled true Jackson vp prematurely just to reboot it in 2021.” She then reposted the same video on the social media platform of Twitter with a different caption that read, “ Congrats! Another reboot! Y’all made this happen.” The video currently has over 3 million views.


It has been indicated that, Nickelodeon hasn’t confirmed or denied the reboot as of yet. Y’all know cousin Keke is quite the jokester, however fans are elated and have voiced how excited they are for the potential comeback.

The last episode of of True Jackson, VP aired almost ten years ago in 2011.

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