Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron Requests One Week Delay Of Breonna Taylor Grand Jury Recordings!


Breaking reports read that Kentucky state Attorney General DanielCameron is currently requesting a one week delay in forwarding Grand Jury recording within the Breonna Taylor case!

Cameron is currently seeking the delay in order to allegedly protect the witnesses personal information reports USA Today.

Sources have confirmed that the attorney general’s office filed a direct motion on Tuesday with the court requesting an extension.


Reports read that Cameron’s office notes that they are taking necessary steps to protect the witnesses involved within their best interest, in particular private citizens named in the recordings.” His office wants to “redact personal identifiers of any named person, and to redact both names and personal identifiers of any private citizen.”

As we previously reported an anonymous member of the Grand Jury requested the recordings and transcripts be forwarded to unveil the truth as they feel Cameron utilized the jurors as a shield.

Cameron’s office has stated that the publicity surrounding Taylor’s case has caused an allegedly increase of threats towards officers and official.

A judge is set to either grant or deny Cameron’s office request on Wednesday.

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