Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron Admits To NEVER Recommending Murder Charges In Breonna Taylor Case!


How does that old saying go? What happens in the dark will always come to light right ?! As time progresses more and more details concerning the truth of the Breonna Taylor case are being pushed to the forefront as Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron has recently admitted that he never recommended murder charges to the Grand Jury!

According to CBS News Cameron came forward on Tuesday to admit he never recommended murder charges against the officers responsible for killing Taylor which intentionally led to the Grand Jury deciding not to indict them.

“Ultimately our judgment is that the charge that we could prove at trial beyond a reasonable doubt was for wanton endangerment against Mr. Hankison,” states Cameron.

As we previously reported former officer Brett Hanikson was only charged with wanton endangerment for firing 10 rounds into Breonna’s neighbors home.

However sources have confirmed that the officers Myles Cosgrove and Jonathan Mattingly that fired the shots including the bullets that killed Taylor, were not brought up on any charges and have been granted to remain on the force.

Cameron’s response to the public that justice was not served is that the supposed facts ruled the case.

He states, I cannot fashion the facts in such a way to meet a narrative that in many ways had already been put out there before the facts had been put out there.”

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