Tyler Perry Completes Four TV Shows In Two Months Within Camp Quarantine Set Up!


Media genius #TylerPerry has utilized his time in quarantine to create art and entertainment that could be of much use to the world right with successfully wrapping up a total of four television series in just two months!

Perry had set himself as well as his actors on a marathon with the shooting of 82 episodes for four of his original #BET series in a matter of months.

According to @Deadline , Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta opened their doors on July. 9th, 2020 to to the cast and crew of #Sistas , #TheOval , #Ruthless and #Bruh.

As we previously reported Perry and his team constructed a coronavirus quarantine bubble that would ensure the safety of himself, crew members and actors. He utilized the studios space to provide room and board as well as testing and medical care units for everyone.

Sources have confirmed that there was 32 days of shooting and 51 days of quarantine for the four series. It has been indicated that week long breaks were implemented in between series production such as Sistas , The Oval and Ruthless.

Reports break down the quarantine bubble checkin including crews and actors testing for COVID and staying in their rooms until receiving their results.

Out of 360 people only four individuals tested positive within the shooting of Sistas and none within the shooting of the other series. Once production started there were zero cases.


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