Saweetie Addresses Rumors Of Quavo Cheating, ‘ I Don’t Play That Sh***’!


The Icy Queen Saweetie broke her silence upon numerous circulating rumors of her man Quavo cheating with Reginae Carter!

The rumors derived from social media comedian Gerald Huston comments made during Verzuz’s season two premier live recording on Instagram Thursday.

Gerald took to the comments with over three million viewers watching to state, “u still f***** colormenae?” also known as Reginae Carter.

Wasn’t long before the rumor grew legs and ran as social media users weighed in completely shocked at the allegations.


Quavo immediately followed up in a tweet that read, “Internet Crazy Man. Not Weezy Daughter No! ❄️ 🤞🏿“ The snow flake emoji hints at him and Saweetie’s Union, however he deleted the tweet shortly.

Quavo’s post and delete further increased the intensity of the rumors as Reginae then took to Twitter to state, ‘Guys .. let’s not run with a story that was made in a VS comment area by someone I don’t even know … it’s really sick how miserable people can be 😣 very much fake news .”

The next following day Saweetie took to her own personal Twitter account to say, “Quit spreading that fake news before y’all get Quavo ass in trouble cuz I don’t play that shit.”

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