Dear White People Creator Justin Simien Debuts Killer Weave Horror Film Trailer, Bad Hair!


Dear White People creator and director Justin Simien has taken his talents to a higher plateau with the official release of his new film Bad Hair.

The film is set to star actress #ElleLorraine portraying a character entering a state of uncertainty as she walks into a beauty shop to receive her very first weave, motivated by abiding to the falsified beauty structure implemented at her job. Despite her father portrayed by Blair Underwood, notion to not entangle herself into something that may take away from her culture and authenticity Lorraine proceeds and gets taken for a ride of a life time.

The film takes place in the late 80’s era and follows Lorraine’s character as her new hairdo gains a mind of its own leading to more bizarre occurrences to unravel.

 Simien, tells People, “I wanted to use the language of psychological thrillers and classics in the horror genre to interrogate how systems of white supremacy are often disguised as opportunities for Black people. I also wanted to showcase Black women in a genre that typically excludes them as well as celebrate the last black renaissance of the late 80’s and 90’s.” 


The film is also set to star Vanessa Williams, Lena Waithe, Jay Pharoa, Blair Underwood, Kelly Rowland, Laverne Cox, James Van Deer Beek and Usher Raymond.

Bad Hair is set to debut on October 23, available on Hulu only.


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