Gabrielle Union Relaunches Haircare Line With 100% Black Ownership!


Beloved actress and business woman #GabrielleUnion has officially relaunched her 2017 natural hair care brand of Flawless by Gabrielle Union!

Flawless originally debut three years ago during a difficult time in Gabrielle’s personal life as she experienced massive hair loss due to numerous counts of IVF treatments reports InStyle.

 “It created these bald spots that ultimately connected and looked a bald headband, and there was another spot at the crown of my head,” Gabrielle states.

“When you’re launching a haircare line that’s all about feeling flawless but you feel anything but flawless and you’re trying to pass off extensions as your own hair, you can’t promote the line authentically.”

She goes on to state that she personally felt that it was only right to remove herself from the entire ordeal to not only regroup and refocus but to assure 100% Black ownership of the brand.
“Through reformulating the products and restructuring the company, we wanted to create a collection of salon-quality products that help restore and regrow your hair with ingredients that aren’t harmful,” Union shares. “We also wanted to add in that education you get from somebody with Larry’s experience and expertise.”

Gabrielle states that Flawless isn’t just a Black owned company but it’s also led entirely by Black people. From production, marketing, advertisement, it’s Black people that bring the brand together full circle.


“When you’re led by Black folks and you center around our needs and voices in our own narrative, it’s a dramatic difference,” says Union. “Everything is different when people inherently understand and have a respect for the brand that comes from lived experiences. Everyone has skin in the game and that also changes everything. When you give people ownership and they’re not just a hired gun, there’s a different pride, commitment, and quite frankly, a greater level of tenacity.” 

Gabrielle has officially relaunched the line in an exclusive deal with Amazon under an affordable price range of $4-$10. The brand meets the needs of women of all hair textures from curls to coils and beyond

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