#LegendsNeverDie: Remembering Bernie Mac 12 Years Later!

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Today makes 12 years since the devastating passing of one the most talented and legendary comedians and actors the world has ever bared witness to #BernieMac.

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Twelve years. Yes, it has been that long. It is hard to believe twelve years have gone by since he passed away. In honor of his “royal-ness”, we are asking that you watch one of his movies, standup or sitcoms and remember the way, even in his physical absence, how he still makes you crack up laughing! Bernie Mac was a gift to all who enjoyed his humor. Sorely missed, to this day, his legacy rings aloud across the entire world. We hope that you take the time and remember this extraordinary man and his extraordinary talent on the twelfth anniversary of his passing. WE MISS YOU BERNIE MAC!!! LONG LIVE THE KING! Photo by #jonathanmanninon #berniemac #icon #legend #longlivetheking #rememberingberniemac #comic #standup #movies #sitcoms #extraordinary #laugh #rhonda #jeniece #jasmine #berniemacofficial #keepinghislegacyaliveonepostatatime #legacy #headlininginheaven

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From the comedy clubs of his hometown in #Chicago to paving his way onto the big screen in both film and television. Bernie Mac’s long term career and legacy has earned him bragging rights to last a life time just off of his name alone.
Though the world and especially the #BlackCommunity shall forever mourn his death, we also won’t ever let his life’s work go on mentioned.

Sleep in forever peace KING & thank you for the laughs! 🖤🙏🏿🌹

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