#WorldStop: Beyoncé’s Visual Album BLACK IS KING Served An Essential Testament To Black Culture!

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#Beyonce has officially debut her highly anticipated visual album #BLACKISKING !

From absolutely flawless scenery aesthetics to a full pledged earth defining wardrobe; Beyoncé has successfully signed and delivered another art form of impactful and legendary work.

BLACK IS KING not only serves as a testimony to Black culture but also serves purpose of celebration and education to our presence on earth.

Beyoncé has profoundly utilized her platform to only not start much needed conversations upon diversity but to also highlight the traditional and original beauty of Black people.

According to the Hollywood Reporter is a visual depiction of her previously released 2019 album and soundtrack for the #LionKing movie.

BLACK IS KING, stars legendary guests ranging from the iconic #BlueIvy, to Jay-Z, Pharrell Williams , Naomi Campbell, Lupita Nyong’o, Tina Lawson, Kelly Rowland, Aweng Ade- Chuol and more.

BLACK IS KING is currently available on #DisneyPlus 🖤

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