#Update: Trump Supporters Charged With Hate Crime For Vandalizing LocalBlack Lives Matter Mural!


Two people responsible for defacing a #BlackLivesMatter mural over the weekend in front of Martinez, California courthouse have officially been charged with three misdemeanors!

David Nelson, 53 and Nicole Anderson, 42 have each been charged with violation of civil rights, vandalism and possession of tools to commit vandalism or graffiti reports CNN.


As we previously reported the two Trump supporters were spotted in a viral video wearing Trump election gear and using black roller paint to coverup the mural. As Nelson shouted, “ we’re sick of this narrative, that’s what’s wrong. The narrative of police brutality, the narrative of oppression, the narrative of racism, it’s a lie.”

Anderson goes on to say that murals like this should be kept in New York. “This is not happening in my town,” as she continued to use her roller paint.

Off camera bystanders became upset at the pairs action and can be heard stating “ this is racist what you’re doing.”

The mural has since then been blocked off and repainted.

“We must address the root and byproduct of systemic racism in our country. The Black Lives Matter movement is an important civil rights cause that deserves all of our attention,” says District Attorney Diana Becton within a forwarded statement.

Source: CNN

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