New York City Releases 75 Inmates To Stop Coronavirus Spread, Considering An Additional 200!

Within effort to stop the alarming #Coronavirus widespread in #NewYorkCity, Mayor de Blasio has set fourth the release of 75 inmates while considering more!

According to the Daily News, De Blasio has stated during a press conference held Monday evening that an additional 200 individuals are currently being reviewed for potential release in order to stop the virus from spreading further within New York prison systems. Sources have confirmed that the additional inmates are currently in state custody.

“This process will be ongoing, it will be constant to determine what is the right number of people; who are the right people to release, and under what conditions to make sure everyone is safe, but also to make sure we look out for the health and well being of all,” states De Blasio.

It has been indicated that a decision will be made Monday evening directly from the Office of Criminal Justice. After the 200 individuals are reviewed, there will be another group of 100 to 200 inmates push forward for potential release on Tuesday morning. Details haven’t been forwarded upon the terms each inmate has been released on ranging from their criminal record or health factors.

“We continue to ensure that there is ample health care capacity for our jail population (and that there’s) ample space for any inmates who need to be isolated.” 

It has been concluded that some inmates will go on to live with family members and others returning to their own homes. Also indicating that anyone who has no where to go will be placed into a homeless shelter.
Reports read that as of right now 21 Department of correction employees have tested positive for #COVID19.

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