Atlanta’s Legendary Strip Club ” Magic City” Currently Offering Virtual Strip Club Services For Small Fee During Coronavirus Pandemic!

#Cousins, lets be real the #Coronavirus pandemic has us all pretty much going through it right now. From local bars, restaurants, movie theaters, gyms and more pressing the pause button; ultimately leading small businesses and venues to suffer. Not to mention the major loss employees are taking financially. We like to look at this situation as both a gift and a curse as many creatives around the world are being forced to dig deep inside themselves and find a way to make things happen on the fly!

The legendary strip club of Atlanta #MagicCity has officially closed its doors to the public temporarily laying off multiple sex workers, reports BET NEWS. However they’re currently bringing their talents to the internet streets of social media by offering “Virtual Strip Club Services”. Sources have confirmed that all interested individuals would have to do is send in $20 dollars to be added to their closes friends list.

According to Magic City’s official Instagram, the virtual strip club services consist of : Interactive stage sets, and lap dances.

Magic City is hoping that these interactive services will help assist sex workers maintain income while the Coronavirus pandemic continues.

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