#ForTheCulture : Nicki Minaj Forwards $25,000 Donation To All Girls St Jude’s Home In Trinidad!

Native trinidadian #NickiMinaj broke the internet this week as she looked absolutely stunning in a beautiful costume designed for the #Carnival festivities at Socadrome !Though she is seen smiling ear to ear while walking happily with her husband #KennethPetty things weren’t all play while; Nick made sure to handle business during their stay as well.

According to RevoltTV, Nicki has forwarded a pledge of $25,000 to St Judes Home for girls in Trinidad.

Upon issuing her hefty donation, the Queens, New York Rapper states “I wanna thank you for your work with the girls.”

She continues. “I wanna thank you for giving them hope and inspiration and they’ve even given me hope and inspiration being here today. And I wanna donate $25,000 to help the girls.”

Sources have confirmed that Nicki also has plans of creating a recreational center in Trinidad with the sole purpose of building a space where young people can go and simply have fun.

God job Nicki!

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