White High School Basketball Announcer Refers To Black And Brown Students Names As “Pretty Disgusting”

Unfortunately #Cousins , we may be within a new decade but the levels of ignorance haven’t changed by much if at all!

A white Oklahoma high school basketball announcer not only showed but proved his level of ignorance by referring to a group of black and brown female students names on an opposing team as “Pretty Disgusting!”

The incident took place during a basketball team between Newkirk High School and Crooked Oak High School in Oklahoma. As of right now the school has done a fine job of keeping the announcers name completely under wraps, reports Blavity.

The unidentified man blatantly stated on the loud speaker for everyone in the gym to hear, “ Now their names are pretty disgusting, but I’m going to try to call them out.”

We can’t even imagine how those young girls must’ve felt within that moment. Alexa play “Get the strap by 50 Cent please!!

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