Jay-Z Convinces The NFL To Forward $100 Million Towards Criminal Justice Reform!

Despite the immediate backlash Shawn #JayZ Carter has received since inking a deal with the controversial National Football League, the Brooklyn, New York native is showing and proving that action in most cases has the ability to take you further than words will.

Jay has been extremely vocal with stressing the point that he is solely interested in using this new partnership with the league to bring fourth a much needed change. According to Black Enterprise, Sources have indicated that Jay has convinced the NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to forwards a total of $100 million towards social justice outreach programs and causes for the next 10 years.

Circulating rumors of Jay turning his back on former NFL player #ColinKapernick and the overall black community for money has swarmed through social media airwaves, however Jay has made it clear that his motivation is change. “As long as real people are being hurt and marginalized and losing family members, then yes, I can take a couple rounds of negative press,” Jay states within a New York Times interview.

“Inspire Change,” is the NFL’s initiative regarding education and economic advancement, police and community relations, and criminal justice reform, according to the NFL. “Roger is amazing and we couldn’t be doing this without him,” states the new chief executive of Jay Z’s label of Roc Nation, Desiree Perez. He continues, “He has been so supportive of us and is critical to us making change at the N.F.L.”

Jay also makes it clear that his stance on the apparent injustice as well as his beliefs towards Colin Kapernick position hasn’t changed. However he does believe it’s time to do more than just kneeling and chatting.

‘No one is saying he hasn’t been done wrong. He was done wrong. I would understand if it was three months ago. But it was three years ago and someone needs to say, ‘What do we do now, because people are still dying,’“ Jay concludes.

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