College Swim Team Member Sues Illinois Police After Issuing Wrongful Search And Seizure At Gun Point!

An Eastern Illinois University swim team member is currently suing Illinois police officers upon allegations of false arrest, excessive force, wrongful search and seizure all while pointing a loaded gun at his head!

Jaylan Buttler, 20 recalls the night in question as an ordinary evening amongst his team mates and coach as they traveled back to school after competing in a meet. It has been indicated that the team had made an innocent pit stop that quickly escalated into a life threatening situation.

Buttler was asked by the team’s coach to snap a photograph of a road sign to upload to the team’s personal social media account. As he completed the task and attempted to make his way back towards the bus amongst his team members on interstate 80, Buttler was quickly surrounded by multiple patrol cars. The New York Post reports that officers abruptly approached him with their guns automatically drawn while shouting.


Acting quickly upon seeing the sirens and flashing lights Buttler states that he immediately dropped his phone, placed both hands in the air and dropped down to his knees.

“My dad taught me at a young age what to do when you are stopped by police officers — stop instantly, put your hands up, drop anything you are holding, and drop to your knees,” Jaylan says in a forwarded statement.

“I hoped I would never have to use this advice in my life, but all that changed in second.’‘

Though Butler followed every protocol imaginable and obeyed each order the officers provided they officers still forced him down to the ground, while another officer gripped his head upon threatening to blow his “ fu*cking head off.”

Sources have confirmed that it wasn’t until the swim teams coaches intervened did the officers release Buttler however never indicating why they targeted him.

Buttler’s attorney Rachel Murphy states, “They never told Jaylan why he was being arrested, even after they realized their mistake. Instead, it’s clear they based their decision to arrest and harm Jaylan on the fact that he was a young Black man.”

It has been indicated that Buttler has officially filed a lawsuit on Sunday for the 2019 incident. He is currently seeking damages against officers belonging to the Hampton Police Department, the East Moline Police Department, and the Rock Island County Sheriff’s.

None of the Police Departments have issued a comment at this time.

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