Back To Back Earthquakes Strike Puerto Rico Leaves One Dead Amidst Major Destruction!

#Cousins , please join us in sending our deepest and most sincere prayers to the residents of #PuertoRico, after recently enduring two vicious earthquakes!

According to the New York Post the island experienced a 5.8 magnitude earthquake on Monday that caused major destruction. It has been indicated that hundreds of homes were either severely damaged or experienced major power loss.


On Tuesday morning around 4AM a 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck the island again, reports NBC News. The quake caused furthermore disaster leading to the distraction of major highways, bridges additional power loss and leaving one person dead.

Reports read that there has been at least 24 aftershocks since the latest quake took place. Officials warn residents that the quakes could possibly continue for the next few days.


Sources have confirmed that amongst the numerous damages laid the historical beach landmark Punta Ventana in English translation meaning “ Window Point.” The landmark served as a great attraction for locals and visitors for many years. It has been described as a beautiful and wide encrusted window that peered out along the beach.


Reports read that these earthquakes are the strongest that the island has ever experienced in the last 102 years. Emergency management director for the southern coastal city of Ponce Angel Vasquez stats; “This is one of the strongest quakes to date since it started shaking on Dec. 28.”

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