Chicago Celebrates Third Consecutive Year Of Decrease In Homicide Rate!

#Cousins ; the city of Chicago has recently closed out 2019 with a major decrease in homicidal crimes for the third year straight!

According to CNN News; reports read that Chicago has experienced a 13% decrease in murders. Sources have confirmed that 564 gun violence related deaths occurred in 2018 as oppose to the 490 murders in 2019.

Chicago is often noted as the third most popular city in the world with a history of exceeding crime rate trends. Chicago closed out the year of 2016 with an historically alarming total of 756 homicidal deaths.


It has also been highlighted that shootings have also decreased in Chicago. Reports read that for the entire year of 2019 it has rounded down to a total of 2,139 incidents as oppose to the 2018 stats of 2,367.

During a recent press conference Chicago Police Superintendent Charlie Beck states that there has been a 17% decrease in robberies and a 18% decrease in burglaries.

“The pieces are in place to make Chicago the safest big city in America,” Beck told CNN on Tuesday. “That won’t happen tomorrow, that won’t happen maybe even this year (2020) but it will happen if the arc continues on the path that is on. “I want Chicago to believe in this police department,” states Beck.

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