2018 Uber Report Highlights 3,045 Sexual Assaults Took Place In The U.S!

#Cousins an extremely alarming report has recently been forwarded revealing that a total of 3,045 sexual assault incidents took place within the U.S under the ride sharing app of UBER in 2018!

According to the New York Times, official report reads that the number of reported incidents equates to only 0.0002 percentage of UBER’s 1.3 billion rides that took place in 2018. Which also includes 9 murders and 58 deadly car crashing incidents.

Uber’s chief legal officer Tony West has come forward to state that “The numbers are jarring and hard to digests; what it says is that Uber is a reflection of the society it serves.”

It has been indicated that Uber successfully attains the title of being the most used ride sharing company within the country. However there once was a point in time where their process for hiring was a tad bit lenient. It wasn’t to long ago people were allowed to secure a job despite not being properly screened and obtaining the required credentials. It has been reported that a wide variant of complaints and incidents occurred which called for the company to deactivate a total of 40,000 accounts.

The company has since then attempted to up their safety precautions in more ways than one. They’ve even implemented automated technology to help assist them with the hiring process.

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