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PNB Rock Murder Investigation Reportedly Crossing State Lines; Officials Believe Incident May Not Have Been A Random Robbery!



Los Angeles officials are continuing their investigation surrounding the tragic murder of beloved rapper PNB Rock. They are currently under the impression that the incident may not have been an armed robbery incident turned deadly but an actual hit sent across state lines!

According to TMZ, LAPD sources have come forward in saying that they are currently following several leads in different directions. The main one is said to involve the personal life of PNB, including any past incidents of tension he may have undergone.

Investigators are currently keeping an eye on the city of Atlanta, where they say PNB spent a good amount of time. Officials have began to question anyone who may have known him to help provide sources of useful information.

LAPD is also reviewing PNB’s music for clues to identify if he had been feuding with anyone previously.

Initially police believed that the tragedy was a random robbery due to both PNB and his girlfriend sharing posts on social media. But now they believe otherwise as the investigation is said to be leaning more towards an elaborate scheme to even a score.

As for the stolen jewelry, getaway car and gunman the police are piecing together clues from video footage within the area.

It has also been confirmed that PNB’s girlfriend had no part in his death and ultimately did not set him up.

Cousins, this tragic case has taken An interesting turn. Please stick with us for further updates.

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