Jussie Smollett Files Suit Against City Of Chicago Malicious Prosecution Counterclaim!

Just when you thought it was over..

Actor and musician #JussieSmollett has filed an official lawsuit against the city of Chicago for alleged emotional distress, humiliation, mental disparities and unlawful grounds of malicious prosecution!

According to the Chicago Sun Times Smollett’s attorney has forwarded a 49 page response to the city upon their lawsuit against him requesting $136,106 for the conducted investigation of an alleged false claim.

Sources have confirmed that Smollett is filing suit against the city of Chicago, the Chicago police department, detectives handling his case Michael Theis and Edward Wodnicki, CPD Supt. Eddie Johnson, and the accused aggressors Abimbola and Olabinjo Osundairo.


It has been indicated that Smollett insists that he is still innocent. Although the city is accusing him of faking an attack, they have in fact dropped the criminal charges against him.

At this current time U.S. District Judge Virginia Kendall states the lawsuit against Smollet still stands indicating that they will be moving forward, “the city must prove the truth of these allegations to prevail at summary judgment or trial.”

Smollet defense team argues that the former issued charges caused deep rooted issues in their client’s life “humiliation, mental anguish and extreme emotional distress,” his lawyers states. He notes that Smollet “ voluntarily provided his DNA sample and fingerprints” back in March to the FBI. Adding that the actor’s passport has also been taken and “still has not been returned to him to this day.”

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