Official Body-Cam Footage Released Of Police Arresting Naked Kidnapper!

A mother’s worst nightmare came to an end after police officials zeroed in on the kidnapper of her daughter within a hotel room.

Too Fab reports Texas Police have recently released disturbing footage of chid abductor Michael Webb, 51 being arrested and dragged out of a hotel room naked.
Sources have confirmed that Webb literally snatched a young eight year old girl from her mother’s arms back in May; while they were walking through their neighborhood. The traumatic incident was captured by a neighbor’s front door surveillance camera. The video show’s the mom who would like to remain nameless screaming and fighting Webb as he literally snatched her daughter then putting her inside the vehicle and speeding off.

It has been indicated that an anonymous tip was forwarded to officials pertaining to Webb’s location with the underaged child. Reports read that the first arriving officer spent only 90 seconds searching Webb’s hotel room and left; communicating that he didn’t find anything suspicious.

However another Police department inspected the hotel and questioned employees for further information. Footage shows the Police department searching through room for the little girl who had popped her head out after Webb was removed. She tells officers that she was in the hamper the entire time the officers came but was threatened by Webb to be quiet or he would kill both her and her family.

 “Here she is! We got her!”

“We need an EMT!” screamed the rescuing officer. “Come on sweetheart. You’re safe. You’re going to be okay.”

Webb was convicted on charges of kidnapping and sentenced to life in prison on Nov.14th

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