Atlanta Officer Fired After Allegedly Stealing $500 From Homicide Victim’s Wallet!

A former #Atlanta Police official has been fired due to the mishandling of a homicide victim’s wallet which contained s total of $500.00

According to #NBCNews , Keisha Richburg has been identified as a responding officer to a shooting scene that took place on June 19th. Sources have indicated that an EMT directly handed Richburg the wallet of Jamel Harris, 29. Harris has been identified as the shot victim, who was later pronounced dead at a local hospital.


Reports read that body cam footage shows an EMT tucking money into Harris’s wallet fold, however it wasn’t placed in the main compartment where cash would go. Towards the 11 second mark of the video the EMT passes of the wallet to Richburg, who is then shown in her car with the wallet at the 1:16 minute mark. It has been stated that the money had gone missing within that time frame.

“Officer Richburg transfers the victim’s wallet from her right hand to her left hand; it is readily apparent the money is no longer tucked inside the wallet. Officer Richburg hands off the now-empty (of cash) wallet to a homicide unit sergeant, “ according to Police Officials.

“Officer integrity goes to the heart of what we do here every single day,” States Chief Erika Fields. “It’s imperative the public have trust in our word and our actions. It’s extremely disappointing to see the victim of a fatal shooting be victimized twice by the actions of one of our officers.”

Harris was a married man who was expecting a child with his wife Lanique Harris. Lanique states she asked did he have any money in his wallet during the time of the shooting.

”When I asked them about it, they said there was no money.

We have a mortgage to pay. We have funeral expenses. He didn’t have life insurance, just that money would have really helped us,” states Lanique.

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