UPDATE: Step Father Of Missing 4 Year Old Girl In Police Custody After Blood Samples Surface In His Home And Car!

It’s been almost two weeks since the breaking news of missing #Texas 4 year old girl #MaleahDavis. Though she has yet to be found, new and highly disturbing evidence has surfaced. Leading officials straight to the source of the entire orchestration.


According to the #DailyMail  ; Darion Vence, 26 was taken into police custody on Saturday and charged with tampering of a corpse. Though officials have not yet found Maleah they do believe she is no longer alive. Sources have indicated that Officials have found blood evidence within Vence home and inside of the vehicle he claimed was stolen during Maleah’s alleged abduction. 

Surveillance footage shows Vence exiting his apartment with a laundry basket and a large black garbage bag. #Houston Officials have found both the laundry basket and a gas can inside inside of Vence reported stolen vehicle. It has also been indicated that Vence was identified as using a heavy amount of Clorox to clean his apartment the same day.


Maleah was last seen on April 30th by surveillance cameras outside of the apartment. It has been stated that Maleah’s mom #BrittanyBowens had recently broke off her engagement to Vence after accusing him of being gay. Sources close to the family believe Vence murdered Maleah as a revenge towards Bowens.

Lets continue to keep Maleah in our prayers and remain hopeful that justice will be served! 🙏🏿 

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