Bow Wow Arrested For Domestic Dispute Alongside Former Girlfriend!

Bow Wow is one of those people who can’t ever catch a break but you’re not sure if you can ever feel completely sorry for him. There’s just too many factors that usually weight against him. I don’t know y’all, it’s complicated.


According to #TheShaderoom Bow was arrested early this morning due to a domestic dispute alongside his former girlfriend Kiyomi. The pair was often spotted booed up for the gram but had allegedly parted ways. Sources have indicated that the pair recently settled their differences and began dating again but on the low. 

A source close to Bow has concluded that Kiyomi became exceedingly angry earlier today because Bow was attending pre-super bowl events without her. A heated argument errupted and that’s when Kyomi grabbed a nearby lamp and bashed Bow in his face. #Atlanta officials interviewed the pair and then decided to arrest them both with charges of battery.


It has been stated that Bow is currently suffering from multiple injuries, bruised ribs and gashes. They were both able to come fourth to a judge and received a $8,000 signature bond. Bow wow has been released, there is no word on Kyomi as of yet .

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Why was Bow Wow even arrested period? I haven’t seen a report of him hitting or coming at her in an aggressive manor but I see all these scratches all over him. It doesn’t make sense to lock him up if she’s the one being abusive and not him, he’s the victim here.

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