Atlanta More Concerned With Super Bowl Then The Death Of 2 Black Males At The Hands Of Police Officials!

Some felt the message deep in their souls when former NFL player #ColinKapernick explained his stance against police brutality with a bended knee. It was a messages to the masses that injustices amongst black people are ever more present within society. It was a silent campaign for a much needed change within America. For society to pay attention to lives deterred. For society to take note of the importance within value of a black man or woman’s life.

The NFL Super Bowl will take place this weekend. As many swarm the supermarkets for snacks and drinks to enjoy the festivities, a large group of people have decided a long time ago against it. The rise and fall of Kapernick within the NFL has played an eye opening performance for many and each day we experience why. According to #Blavity the city of Atlanta has had two fatal, officer involved shootings in the month of January, that have gone without coverage. Sources have indicated that two black men by the names of Jimmy Atchison and D’ettrick Griffin have died at the hands of police officials. 

Sources have indicated that Atchison, 21 was murdered within the process of receiving a warrant for armed robbery. Officials state Atchison fled the scene by jumping out the window when they arrived. “There was a foot chase that ensued into another apartment building, into another apartment. That’s where the suspect was confronted by a task force officer on the (Atlanta Metro Major Offender) task force, and the suspect was eventually shot and killed” states a FBI agent in a forwarded statement. Atchison’s Family has indicated that he was shot in the face during the encounter while hiding in a closet, he was unarmed. Atchison was a father of two, the autopsy for his body hasn’t been conducted as of yet. The unnamed officer responsible has been put on paid leave. “It shouldn’t be forgotten that the shooting happened just before the Super Bowl, at a time when people have been seeing football as a symbol of protest in light of Colin Kaepernick bringing attention to police brutality and injustice” states the family’s attorney.

D’ettrick , 18’was murdered by an undercover cop on January 15th after attempting to steal his car.  The cop is said to have had fired his weapon when the teen began to drive away. The family’s attorney states : ”Just because this officer was upset that somebody may have offended him or jumped in his car – whatever actually occurred – we see no grounds for the officer to have emptied his gun into the body of D’ettrick Griffin.”

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