Chris Rock To Direct Kevin Hart In New Comedy Film About Divorce

 We got some exciting news Fam! Not only is a new #KevinHart project in the works, but its to be directed by another King of #Comedy , #ChrisRock !

It’s public knowledge that both Hart and Rock have endured the difficulties of divorce within their careers. Both comedians have shed light on their past marriages aligned with jokes and personal experiences to their audiences within their stand ups. 

According to #Deadline ; the duo’s up and coming  movie will be titled “ #CoParenting “ to be produced by Universal Studios, script has been written by #YamaraTaylor. The movie will portray the life of a stay at home Father and Wife who is the corporate bread winner of the family. The couple soon divorces, leaving the Father enduring some heavy emotions due to public humiliation once his wife dumps him and they have to battle it out for custody of their children.

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