Mariah Carey Hit With Nearly $20 Million Copyright Infringement Lawsuit ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’

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Cousins! On the heels of ‘Carey Season’ Mariah Carey has been hit with a hefty copyright infringement lawsuit for her beloved holiday jam of “All I Want For Christmas Is You”

According to Billboard, this is the second year in a row the songstress has received a lawsuit at the hands of songwriter Andy Stone. Reports read that Andy also known by his stage name of Vince Vance, filed a similar claim in 2022 but ultimately withdrew.

In new court documents obtained by TMZ, Andy alongside Troy Powers has issued a nearly 20 million dollar lawsuit against Mariah for her holiday song—which also has the same exact name as their 1989 song.

The issued complaint accuses Mariah of creating a similar melody, lyrical hooks, and feel as their song.

“The phrase ‘all I want for Christmas is you’ may seem like a common parlance today, in 1988 it was, in context, distinctive […] Moreover, the combination of the specific chord progression in the melody paired with the verbatim hook was a greater than 50% clone of [Stone’s] original work, in both lyric choice and chord expressions.”

They also claim she has, “palmed off these works with her incredulous origin story, as if those works were her own.”

In the 2022 suit, Andy and Tory accused the 52 year old of purposely copying their track after noticing them receive extensive airplay and securing a spot on Billboard back in 1993.

“When I first wrote that song I was very, very early on in my career and I was still thinking about childhood stuff when I did wish for snow every year … “ said Mariah in 2021 reports The Guardian. “I started writing that on a little DX7 or Casio keyboard that was in this little room in the house that I lived in at the time in upstate New York lifetimes ago. Just writing down everything that I thought about. All the things that reminded me of Christmas that made me feel festive that I wanted other people to feel.”

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