Larenz Tate Shares That He Is Tired Of The ‘Love Jones 2’ Questions But Is Open To Giving Fans What They Want!

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Cousins! Larenz Tate is being fully transparent with fans, as he shares that he is tired of being repeatedly bombarded with questions about the classic 90’s classic film ‘Love Jones’. However, Larenz declares that if the opportunity presents itself to reshape the legendary rom-com, he definitely wouldn’t be turning down anything other than his collar.

In an interview with Alabama Life & Culture at the ‘Empower Us’ event within the historic 16th Street Baptist Church, Larenz revealed that he and fellow ‘Love Jones’ star Nia Long have been in conversation surrounding a sequel. The 48-year-old says that they’ve been actively bouncing ideas off of one another in hopes of releasing a follow-up project that doesn’t take away from the original.

“It would be hard for us to catch lightning in the bottle twice,” Larenz tells “So Nia [Long] and I have been trying to figure out what that would look like. But we feel like we should do something, but something different. TV show, movies that could be a franchise — we’ve discussed everything.”

“We talked about all kinds of stuff because we know what ‘Love Jones’ meant, we know what those characters meant, and we know what the message and the story meant to us. And we don’t want to disrupt that, we don’t want to shake that up, and do something that doesn’t live up to our expectations of our audience would want from us.”

The 1997 romantic comedy was written and directed by Theodore Witcher, and starring Larenz and Nia. Within the film, the two randomly meet at a Chicago nightclub and are instantly drawn to one another through a natural connection. The couple bonded over music, poetry, and overall art. Things get rocky for their relationship when Nia’s character decides to move to New York in an effort of picking up where she left off with her ex-fiance.

“I hope we come up with something sooner than later,” said Larenz. “I’m tired of people asking me about ‘Love Jones 2,’ and I just want to go ahead and put that to rest and get into production.”

As open as Larenz is to the possibility of re-imaging ‘Love Jones’ he shares that he wants to explore new avenues in story-telling.

The veteran actor shares that he is interested in reprising his role as the musical icon Quincy Jones. Larenz previously portrayed Quincy in the the 2004 film ‘Ray.’

“He’s at the top of my list.”

Larenz shares that he is also interested in shining a light on stories of notable Black Americans who aren’t necessarily in the entertainment business. “We do a lot of biopics of musicians all the time.”

“For me, I’d like to do stories about historical figures that we don’t realize have had an impact on us today. If I can be a part of telling that as an actor or producer, I would love that opportunity.”

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