Ice Spice Reveals That She Purposely Creates Music That Have Simple Lyrics, “ I Want Them To Be Digestable, I Don’t Want Them To Fly Over People’s Heads”

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Cousins! Ice Spice is breaking down her signature recipe in cooking up successful hit songs one after another!

In conversation with Complex Magazine, the Bronx, New York native admits that she doesn’t personally see herself as being a lyricist. “It’s funny because Hype was just trying to call me a lyricist. I wouldn’t consider myself a lyricist.”

She explains, “Obviously, lyrics go into music and I do think about them and I do be having bars in my music but they’re just super simple.”

Despite circulated commentary on social media surrounding her hit singles, Ice Spice says that she is not a nursery-school rhymer and that she actually puts full thought into her music.

“I want them to be digestible, I don’t want them to fly over people’s heads and they never catch it. I want people to hear it right away and be like, ‘OK, that was cute.’ But it’s also fun at the same time.”

Her go-to producer and friend RIOT details that Ice’s creative process differs from others as he explains that she doesn’t write down her rhymes. He says while in the studio the 23-year-old freestyles her lyrics line by line.

Ice Spice reveals that she is fully aware of the negative comments made in regard to her song lyrics. However she says that she doesn’t concern herself with social media backlash while admitting that she does take not to actual music critics opinions.

“Because they actually study music and care about it. So I feel like I’d rather hear their opinion. I’m more interested in that because at least it’ll be paragraphs explaining why they feel that way and I’ll be able to understand the person better versus just one little hateful ass comment from a private page. At least there’s an author and a face attached.”

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