Alexis Skyy Speaks On Falling Victim To Sex Trafficking As A Teenager After Being Set Up By A Friend

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Love and Hip Hop former cast member and influencer, Alexis Skyy has recently opened up about a tragic incident that changed her life as a young teenager.

A part of Revolt World in Atlanta Georgia over the weekend, Alexis appeared alongside a series of panelists to discuss the growing epidemic of missing Black women and girls in America.

Alexis revealed that she had fallen victim to sex trafficking as a teenager while living in Atlanta after running away from home.

“I was a runaway at a young age. I was just one of those young girls that wanted to be free, came from a great family, and I just wanted to explore what was on the outside world.”

Alexis says she had confided in someone she believed to be a friend and that she was told she could live with her and that she would work as a waitress.

“It happened here in Atlanta actually and I got set up by a friend because I needed somewhere to stay. I couldn’t go back hike because I kept running away.” She added, “My mom was like ‘if you do it again you can’t come back’ .”

Unknowingly she ended up living in a house full of women who were identified as sex workers.

“ I ended up being in a house full of women. I didn’t know what was going on. I was the youngest one there, and I was around 15-16 years old.”

She recalls, “The very first night I was taken to the club, sold off and raped. Just a lot and this was just my life everyday..”

Alexis recalls being held captive and forced to indulge within sexual activities between sixty to ninety days.

She says that when ever she was out in public with the male she described as running the operation he threatened that if she tried to ask for help he would abuse her and murder her family.

“ I wasn’t allowed to talk. But if I did he would abuse me, take me home and rape me—— I remember one time he put me in a trunk and left me there for hours.”

“I remember just wanting to give up because I was thinking I would never get out. I’m never going to make it out. I just had to gain courage and think if there’s and end I’m going to put up a fight.”

Alexis revealed that she had contemplated suicide during the tragic ordeal, “ I wanted to jump out of the windows. I thought about killing myself because in my mind no one is going to know where I am at.”

“ I was in a house, there was no neighbors there were dogs everywhere.”

Further within the video Alexis was asked how she was able to escape and she reveals that she had been sold to an older man and mouthed to him to help her. She explained that she didn’t have to go into detail because much like the other parties involved, they knew she was under age.

“I couldn’t take it anymore because I was tired. This man——I was tearing up to him and but I didn’t say it to him, I whispered and I knew he knew that I wasn’t of age. “

Alexis explains, “ He paid the guy and he dropped me off at the bus station—-and I was free.”

The now 29 year old says that the tragic series of events still haunts her to this day. Alexis expressed that she hasn’t been able to maintain a long-standing relationship because her trust is limited.

Alexis says that she is aware of the man’s identity that owns the sex worker house and held her captive. She explained that she is in the beginning stages of taking legal action but is afraid that the man that abused her as a teen while find her family and harm them.

Cousins, let’s please keep Alexis in our prayers as she continues to heal. Be sure to stay tuned for Revolt’s Black news Investigates segment ‘Dangerous Black Girl Magic: Now You See Her, Now You Don’t’ , featuring panelists Alexis Skyy, Natalie Wilson, Derrica Wilson, Melanie Thompson and Toni Jacobs.

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