Update: Tyler James Williams Granted A Temporary Restraining Order Against Stalker That Threatened Him, “I’m Not Playing Games With You”

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Cousins! Actor Tyler James Williams has officially been granted a temporary protective order against a male that he says has been aggressively stalking him online and even showed up to his home!

As we previously reported, the Abbott Elementary star requested a restraining order after a male identified as John Doe traveled 2,200 miles to his Los Angeles apartment and made his way past his building’s security guards.

According to court documents obtained by RadarOnline, a Los Angeles Superior judge approved a temporary restraining order for Tyler against ‘John Doe.’ The order details that he must stay approximately 100 yards away from Tyler.

Within Tyler’s filled petition he revealed that the man in question had sent him hundreds of messages on social media.

“Some of these messages contained explicit content including statements about being rape, robberies at gunpoint, drugs, and social abandonment,” says Tyler’s attorney.

Tyler explained that he believe the male is, “unstable and is also delusional since he believes we have a relationship.” He says that he me has messaged him saying, “I’m coming to the house” and “I don’t play games.”

Other messages included, “I’m not paying games with you here, my mind is playing games with me” and “Call me I can’t stop shaking.”

The petition further details, “Once inside the building, he repeatedly banged on my door while asking me to open my door.”

The former ‘Everybody Hates Chris’ actor says that he, “continuously rang my ring doorbell at least 30 times over a 4-hour period. He also attempted to open a window adjacent to my front door.”

Tyler’s complaint details that the male became upset when he wasn’t able to make contact with him as he can be heard on the ring camera saying,” I can’t believe I’m leaving and we didn’t get to talk. This isn’t f—— fair.”

Tyler has expressed,” His messages and erratic behavior have placed me in fear for myself and have caused me to suffer substantial emotional distress,”

The 30-year-old pleaded to a Los Angeles judge to order John Doe to stay away from him or be arrested. Tyler revealed that he has since hired a private investigator to help assist him in gaining further details regarding the man in question.

It has been indicated that Tyler’s temporary restraining order will remain effective until an October scheduled hearing. A Judge will then determine if the order should be made permanent.

Cousins, lets please keep Tyler in our prayers 🙏🏿

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