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Department Of Child Services Reportedly Called To Blueface’s Home Following Viral Videos Of Strippers Being Around His Son!

Cousins! Blueface has been pretty vocal on social media regarding parenting within the last couple of days following the recent birth of his youngest son. In response, online users have been calling into question his own parenting skills and the company he allows around his other children.

According to TMZ, videos from Blueface’s Instagram stories showing exotic dancers in his home at the same time as his children have received loads of attention. In response, Los Angeles Police and the Department of Children and Family Services have launched an active investigation.

Reports read that authorities have been called to the Los Angeles rapper’s home that he shares with Jaidyn Alexis and their two children, a total of nine times since the month of May.

Officials confirm that Blue’s household has been under their radar over the last few months, however the DCFS investigation hasn’t moved forward. Sources state that no one within the home has answered the door or picked up the phone each time deputies were contacted.

Sources state that there has been a series of complaints for issues such as noise complaints and dogs often barking loudly. But the video of Blue’s son in the next room while strippers were present has amplified major concerns.

Within the controversial video Blue can be heard saying, “Son, come here. It’s booty cheeks out here, and you looking for chips and Slim Jims and s**t.” He then proceeded to ask, “You ain’t gay, is you?”

TMZ reports that the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services has not provided specific details regarding Blue’s San Fernando Valley home investigation. Authorities state that the safety of the children are their highest priority.

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