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Eric Adams Refers To NYC “The Safest Big City In America,” As Statistics Determine Violent Crimes Have Decreased!

Cousins, New Statistics released by the New York Police Department have determined that there has been a decline in violent crimes across the city for the year!

According to Pix 11 News, New York City has experienced a decrease in five out of seven crime categories within 2023 in comparison to the previous year.

Reports read that violent crimes involving shootings are down a total of 26%. Homicide happenings have decreased 10% and grand larceny has been lowered by 2.3%.

Following Labor Day weekend events including the Caribbean Carnival, Mayor Adams alongside NYPD administrators has declared this year’s celebrations as the safest, reports ABC News.

“This is one of the safest J’ouvert celebrations and Labor Day weekends we have seen in recent memories, and probably the safest J’ouvert celebration in history,” said Mayor Adams.

“Coming off of last year’s J’ouvert celebration, you’re seeing the continuation of how we are crafting… and introducing new principles and tools to make it even safer.”

This year’s festivities also included the U.S. Open, Electric Zoo, and various private parties

NYPD Commissioner Edward Caban has stated that though the holiday weekend was incredibly packed there was a 9% reduction in crime from 2022.

Sources state that officers confiscated 70 illegal firearms across the city, including 30 from people alongside the Eastern Parkway.

“Our cure violence team were out there with us conducting real time outreach where it was needed, members of the clergy were also present,” Caban said.

The NYPD says that the usage of drones has assisted them in cracking down on criminal activity instantly.

“We used a tethered drone on Randall’s Island to survey the size of the crowd, it would have been impossible to get the scope of the crowd if we didn’t have the technology to do so,” said Adams.

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