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Update: Texas Woman Known As The Sassy Trucker Headed Back To The U.S. After Being Held In Dubai For Allegedly Shouting In Public!

Cousins! After being stranded for months in Dubai following an altercation where she was detained for allegedly shouting in public, a Texas woman is on her way back home to the United States!

According to AP News, Tierra Young also known across social media as ‘The Sassy Trucker’ was released on Tuesday. The 29-year-old is said to have taken off on a flight out of the UAE and will be transferred through the United Kingdom on her way back to the U.S., said Radha Stirling, of the UAE advocacy group named Detained in Dubai.

Radha states that Tierra paid a deposit of $1,360 deposit to Dubai officials for a travel ban to be lifted. There has been no word at this time of if she has any further legal orders against her.

As we previously reported Tierra had been stuck in the United Arab Emirates since April after getting in a minor fender bender while riding as a passenger in a friend’s rental car. Her mother Tina Baxter says the rental vehicle, Tierra’s phone, credit cards, and other personal belongings had been impounded.

“She was met with two men at the rental car agency who were quite aggressive, who said she couldn’t have her possessions back, and then she says they started intimidating her and following her out. So she shouted back at them to stop, to leave her alone,” said Radha in a previous statment.

AP reports ther Dubai police have disputed Tierra’s description of the incident. They share that they had received a complaint from the car rental agency about her in “accusing her of slandering and defaming an employee amidst a dispute over car rental fees.”

Sources state,” UAE has rules that strictly govern speech far beyond what’s common in Western nations. A middle finger raised in a traffic dispute, a text message calling someone a name or swearing in public easily can spark criminal cases.” They warn that many visitors of the U.S are unaware of how these acts can legally affect them.

Within Emirati law, the act of publicly insulting another person can carry lead up to one year in prison and a fine of $5,450.

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