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Update : Teen Charged With Murder As A Hate Crime For The Fatal Stabbing Of O’Shae Sibley!

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Cousins! New York Police have announced that a 17-year-old male has been charged with murder following the fatal stabbing of O’Shae Sibley!

According to reports from ABC News, the teenage boy’s name has not been released to the public. He is said to be a Brooklyn, New York resident who is still in high school.

Assistant Chief Joseph Kenny declared on Saturday afternoon within a news conference that that the suspect had turned himself in and was accompanied by an attorney. The teen is currently being charged with murder as a hate crime and criminal possession of a weapon.

Sources state that the issued charges are subject to change once the Brooklyn District Attorney begins to handle the case.

As we previously reported O’Shae had been enjoying his time with friends listening and dancing to Beyonce at a local gas station on the night of his murder. He had just finished pumping gas and voguing when he was suddenly confronted by a group aggressively yelling racial and homophobic slurs.

It has been stated that the group demanded for O’Shae to stop dancing.

“The perpetrator struck Sibley with a sharp object on the left side of his ribcage, “piercing his chest and damaging his heart,” Kenny said.

The suspect is said to have thehbfled the scene in a vehicle, but identified soon with the help of tips from local citizens.

“He had a problem with them dancing, he wanted them to stop dancing, and he started arguing with them. And then after a few fights and back and forth arguing, he pulled out a knife and stabbed him,” witness Sayeda Haider said.

Sadly O’Shae had been pronounced dead at a local hospital shortly after the stabbing.

“Parents lost a child, a child to something clearly that was a hate crime,” New York City Mayor Eric Adams said at Saturday’s press briefing.

“This is a city where you are free to express yourself, and that expression should never end with any form of violence.”

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