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Tina Knowles Addresses Speculation That Beyoncé Purposely Skipped Lizzo’s Name In Recent Performance “ Y’all Really Should Stop”

Cousins! Y’all know when it comes down to her children Tina Lawson is going to be front and center to set things straight!

Beyonce had began to trend following social media user theories spread across Instagram, Twitter and TikTok in regard to her skipping Lizzo ‘s name a part of a recent tour stop where she sang the ‘Break My Soul’ remix.

Fans believe that Beyoncé intentionally skipped the Lizzo name drop due to her current legal matters surrounding a long list of accusations from her former dancers.

However in a captured screenshot by the The Neighborhood Talk , Mama Tina let folks know that there is nothing to see here as she explains that Beyoncé didn’t even mention her own sister’s name.

Cousins, what are your thoughts on this?

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