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Kai Cenat Charged With Enticing A Riot And Unlawful Assembly Following NYC Giveaway!

Cousins! According to circulating reports Kai Cenat is currently in police custody following a chaotic riot in New York City today!

NBC News reports the 21-year-old Twitch streamer promised to give away video game consoles and gift cards this afternoon at Union Square Park located in the downtown area of New York City. Police officials state that in response hundreds to thousands of people gathered and ultimately became unruly causing major chaos.

Officers have since filled a city bus full of folks for acts of violence towards officials, throwing bottles, rocks, and paint taken from a nearby construction site.

Maddrey saysthat 65 people were arrested. Thirty of them were juveniles. He says that three officers were injured including a sergeant left with a broken hand.

New York City Police Chief Maderey says Kai was originally taken into police custody for his own safety however breaking reports confirm that he’s officially been charged with inciting a riot and unlawful assembly.

“Officers were attacked, we were crushed,” he said, adding that he had been hit with “multiple objects.”

Maderey adds, “I personally observed young people having panic attacks, anxiety attacks,” he said. “People were suffering out here.”

It has been stated that Kai announced on his Twitch channel on Wednesday that he planned to host a huge giveaway ranging from PCs; keyboarda, gaming chairs, headphones, video game consoles and additional items.

NBC reports that by Friday afternoon the video racked up more than 2 million in views.

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