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Naked And Barefooted Woman Detained On Oakland Highway After Releasing Gunshots Into Open Traffic!

Cousins! Oakland, California drivers were caught off guard this week as a completely naked and barefooted woman waving a firearm alongside a busy bridge caused major traffic as she released a series of gunshots!

According to ABC News, the bizarre incident took place on Tuesday at the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge.

Two identified witnesses by the names of Michael Crawford and his co-worker Alex recorded the incident from their cellphones. The two men share that they were on their way to work within the East Bay Area when they noticed a car parked sideways blocking a series of lanes ultimately causing traffic.

Michael says he heard a gunshot and immediately looked around to see where it had come from. “I heard the pop like I saw her walking around and I heard (pop) and I was like ‘Oh, that’s a gun, that’s actually a gun.’ So I heard it before I saw it,” Michael said.

Michael and Alex state that moments later they saw naked woman firing into oncoming traffic.

“Like what am I supposed to do right now?” Michael said. “What am I supposed to do? Like how do I get out of here, we can’t just stay here, we’re sitting ducks, we have nothing but a windshield protecting us.”

Reports read that California Highway Patrol arrived around 4:40 p.m., following multiple called pertaining to a reckless driver heading eastbound on the bridge.

Sources state that the naked woman had, stopped on the bridge at one point, got out of her car and began shouting at other drivers with a knife in her hand. But she is said to have returned to her vehicle, passed a toll plaza approaching the 880 Interchange and excited the car a second time.

“She was yelling at other vehicles, she began firing shots into the air, and then as other vehicles appeared to be kind of confused as to what was happening – maybe thinking there was a crash and they were trying to drive around it,” CHP spokesperson Officer Andrew Barclay said. “As they were trying to drive around, she started firing rounds towards those other vehicles.”

Thankfully the unidentified woman was safely serviced by Oakland police officers as they deescalated the situation while convincing her to drop her weapon.

Barclay says that the woman was taken to the hospital where she has been under physical and psychiatric care. She remains under a 72-hour hold.

“While we know that this is someone experiencing a mental health crisis, we also have a crime scene that we need to handle because there are rounds that have been fired. We need to process that scene,” Barclay said

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